Sep 29, 2012


By Liz Haynes,,,,

8. Surprise her with a quickie
When you jump her out of the blue, it makes her feel like she's so irresistible that you simply can't wait to have her. Right when she gets home, pull her in for a deep kiss to get her going. Relieve her of any bags she's carrying and lead her to the couch, bed, or kitchen table, where you will have already stashed a bottle of lube nearby. Don't totally undress her; just lift up her skirt or pull down her pants. Then use your lubed fingers to massage her clitoris while whispering how hot she is in her ear. The more aroused you are, the faster she'll get into it. (Of course, there will be times when she's not game. If that happens, let it go and try another night.)but kwa wale wanaotoka kwa vibibi inabidi wavue nguo zote unaweza catch germs....

Will cont.. Sametimes tomorrow dont miss it,,,

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