Sep 7, 2012

Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson Tattoos Portrait Of Everyn On His Leg!

ochocinco evelyn lozada tattoo1


We are really hoping and silently praying that this tattoo of a gorgeous Hispanic woman, on the leg of Chad “Ochocino” Johnson, is not of Evelyn Lozada…looks again…Oh Lord, it is!

The former NFL star was arrested for allegedly head butting his soon-to-be ex-wife, Evelyn Lozada, on the night of August 11. She filed for divorce days later.
Clearly, Ochocinco is trying to win back the woman he once laughed with but It’s a long shot. In a recent interview with “Nightline” she revealed that Chad needs help.
She explained the alleged night in detail, saying:
“He got upset. He just….he came a whole other person and he was like, “I didn’t– I didn’t do anything. You’re accusing me.” And then the next thing I know, he– he grabbed me by here and he headbutted me. And all I felt was, you know…I felt, like, you know, blood coming down my face.”
Here’s a closer look:

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