Sep 22, 2012

Flo Rida Sued Over Tony Montana-Style Security System

Flo Rida's Miami mansion is practically Fort Knox ... with a complex $58,000 state-of the-art security system -- problem is, he's refusing to pay for it ... this according to a new lawsuit.

Flo is being sued by ADT -- the largest home security company in the United States -- which claims in 2009 it wired up Flo's home with a system that included dozens of sensors, smoke detectors and at least 27 security cameras.

In the lawsuit, ADT provided a copy of the contract ... which was signed by a man named Lee Prince -- who is reportedly Flo's manager.

According to the lawsuit, Flo paid the initial deposit -- $19,366.66 -- but after the work was completed, he never forked over the remaining $38,733.

Now, ADT wants the money PLUS interest, totaling $47,134.40.

Here's where it gets crazy -- Flo Rida has fired back at the suit ... saying he NEVER authorized the work despite Prince's signature ... and claims he doesn't owe ADT a dime. 

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