Sep 4, 2012


Condoleezza Rice For Vice President? Not On Mitt Romney’s Watch!

condoleezza rice rnc Even though Condoleezza Rice gave a rousing speech in support of Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention, Romney didn’t choose the bright foreign policy expert as his vice presidential running mate. All signs point to Condi being a clear choice. As a black woman, you’d assume that she’d be able to help Romney secure more women and African American votes.

As reported on RadarOnline, “Condoleezza is definitely leaning towards running for Governor of California. She wasn’t upset or surprised that she wasn’t picked to be Romney’s running mate,” the source says. Well, in your face Romney! Condi doesn’t need you! But just check out the three reasons why Romney thinks Condi didn’t need the VP job and the two reasons I think he didn’t use her below. (See if you could guess the facts from my opinion!)

1. She is pro-choice and she’s standing firm on her position on the controversial issue.
2. She supports same-sex marriage.
3. Romney needed ultra conservative support and he knew Condi would hinder his chances of getting it.
4. Her speech at the RNC was exciting, informative and just…good. Romney’s afraid she would outshine him.
5. Romney would rather have a liar like Paul Ryan as his running mate than an intelligent black woman like Rice.

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