Oct 23, 2012

PLAXICO BURRESS Mansion Targeted  by Car Crash Victim

Reason #5,261 Plaxico Burress needs an NFL team -- the car crash victim he was ordered to pay $159,000 ... is now asking a judge to sell off the wide receiver's house, in order to settle the debt.

As previously reported, Plax lost a car accident lawsuit back in 2008 to Alise Smith -- and was ordered to pony up $125k ... then in August of this year, he was ordered to pay an additional $34k to cover Smith's legal fees.

But in legal docs ... Alise claims she hasn't seen a dime -- and recently filed a complaint asking a judge to appoint a special commission to sell PB's Virginia Beach mansion to pay off the debt. 

The 3,540 square-foot-home (below) was purchased by Plax in 2000 for $290k -- and was recently appraised for $450k. In other words, more than enough to cover his tab.


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