Mar 11, 2013

Biggest Bonehead of the Week You Be the Judge

0308-bieber-moore-brown-lohan-rodman-vick-james-swiftThere were so many ridiculous celebrity moments this week, we couldn't limit our poll to just one person. So test your knowledge of TMZ stories ... and tell us what you think about the celebs who probably wish they didn't do what they did.

Justin Bieber

  •  Cut him a break
  •  Needs a slapping

Demi Moore

  •  Stick it to Ashton
  •  Get a life

Chris Brown

  •  He fights just right
  •  Needs an ass whupping

Lindsay Lohan

  •  Let her be
  •  Lock her up

Dennis Rodman

  •  Good for America
  •  You stupid idiot

Michael Vick

  •  Good luck with the pup
  •  Call animal control

Stripper deduction for rappers

  •  Legit
  •  No way, Jose

LeBron's Yom Kippur wedding

  •  His right
  •  Disrespectful

Taylor Swift

  •  Only dated 2 guys
  •  Pants on fire

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