Mar 7, 2013

DENNIS RODMAN I Ate A Lot of Pig In North Korea

Dennis Rodman was given full dignitary treatment during his visit to North Korea, which included a ridiculous presidential feast ...

During Dennis' 3-day excursion, we're told North Korean leader Kim Jong-un threw a lavish dinner -- 15 courses, which included sushi, turkey, beef filet, kimchi, and a whole roasted pig.

After the feast, Dennis and Kim Jong were entertained by an all-girl orchestra -- the Moranbong Band.  They were serenaded with American TV and movie theme songs, including "Dallas" and "Rocky."

We found video of the girls playing the "Rocky" theme song last year (below).

As for what Dennis and Kim Jong talked about ... he's not saying.  We're guessing the payoff will be the HBO show which filmed the spectacle.

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