May 8, 2013

MJ Molestation Lawyer -- Wade Robson's Sexual Abuse Claim ... 'All About Money'

The man who led Michael Jackson's defense in the 2005 molestation trial says Wade Robson is not telling the truth by now claiming the singer molested him ... and says such a belated claim "must be just about money.

Attorney Tom Mesereau told Lady Detective 'Wade Robson led off his defense in the famous molestation trial because prosecutors had claimed the famous choreographer had been molested by Jackson as a child. 

Mesereau says Robson was strong and unwavering in his testimony -- adamant that Jackson never touched him. Tom says Robson never cracked during intense cross-examination. 

Mesereau tells us, "Michael never touched Robson inappropriately in any way."

And Mesereau scoffs at any notion that Robson suffered from repressed memory and is only coming forward now. 

During the hearing, Robson said that while he slept in the same bed with Michael as a child ... and that Michael would often kiss him on the cheek ... MJ never touched him in a sexual manner, ever. 

In fact, while Robson was on the stand ... he passionately told the court, "I'm telling you that nothing ever happened."

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