Sep 11, 2012

Its Been Three Years Now,, But Seems Like Yesterday....

9/11 Is A Day To Remember,,,

Do you know how it feels to lose someone?
How you go through grief and pain?
I know how that feels,
and how it feels to always live in rain.
I remember it like it was yesterday,
how I stood by my dad's side.
And how I couldn’t bare to look at him,
but all I did was cry.
I knew I couldn’t help him,
I couldn’t fix his pain.
I couldn’t stop myself from crying,
I couldn’t help him in anyway.
I wanted to help my dad,
but they said it was to late.
How could it have come to this,
to this horrible fate.
My dad was loving,
he was a caring guy.
Maybe he wasn't perfect,
but he didn't cheat, steal or lie.
I loved my dad,
I loved him with all my heart.
But there was nothing I could do,
It was too late from the start.
They said they caught it too late,
there was nothing they could do.
But just let him pass on,
it was hard but it was true.
It's been a year now,
It doesn't feel like it's been that long.
And it still hurts,
but he's now where he belongs.
No matter what happens,
he'll always be loved.
Until the day I die,
and I join him up above.
He's up there somewhere with God,
He’s in his rightful place.
And even though I want him back,
It's a tragedy I have to face.
Sometimes at night,
I cry myself to sleep.
But through the year of darkness,
the depression I’ll have to defeat.
His love,
is what keeps me hanging on.
Love is a strong word,
Because it's kept me alive this long.
But there is one more thing,
that I have to say.
My dad's love will go on and on,
and he’s in my heart to stay.

Rest In Peace Dad,,,

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