Oct 23, 2012

EVA LONGORIA  I've ALMOST Rid My  Body of Tony Parker

Eva Longoria tattoo removed
Eva Longoria has a nasty red blotch on the back of her neck -- and she's probably THRILLED about it ... 'cause it used to be a tattoo of her ex-husband's basketball jersey number.

Back in January, Longoria began laser treatments to erase 3 Tony Parker-inspired tats -- the "NINE" tattoo ... the wedding date tattoo on her wrist ... and Tony's initials (which were put on a very private, undisclosed location).

Tattoo removal doesn't happen overnight -- it takes multiple sessions, which have to be spaced out over several months.

But judging by the way her neck looked in Bev Hills yesterday, Eva's body is just a couple more months away from being a fresh canvas again.

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