Jul 30, 2012


An eleven year old girl has just been rescued from the life of sex slavery which she was forced to endure for over three years now in Arusha City.

The girl who was born and bred in Mto-wa-Mbu area of Monduli District, reportedly entered into forced co-habiting with one Mr Joseph Ngisha a 25-year-old resident of Sakina area in Arusha who has been keeping her in his room since 2010.

Senior Staff officer with the Arusha Regional Police, Commander Zuberi Mwombeji said Mr Ngisha, a trader who throughout that period has been posing as the girl's brother so as not to attract the attention of neighbors, is being held at the Central Police Station and will soon be taken to court to face the charges of rape.

"The girl is under 16 and had been held hostage in the suspect's room for over three years being sexually abused. This is not only against the law but also inhuman," said Commander Mwombeji.

Assistant Inspector of Police Ms Maria Maswa who led the ambush team consisting of female police officers and Municipal Welfare officers to rescue the innocent girl in 'matrimonial' captivity, revealed that they succeeded in their operation and took the child to hospital where after medical examinations the doctors found the victim to be three-months pregnant.

"You can just imagine an eleven year- old girl being pregnant, the victim is not even aware of her condition, she told the doctors that she felt there was something like a 'lizard' dancing in her stomach, not knowing that it was actually the fetus moving about in the womb," said the Assistant Inspector Maswa.
According the police officer, the 25-year-old accused who has been denied bail was keeping the little girl 'hostage' in his single room at a rental house in the Songambele section of Sakina.

"He won't let her get out of the house and did all the shopping himself and even when the girl's grandmother died in Monduli and her mother's house got torched to ashes, Mr Ngisha would not allow her to visit her family," said Ms Maswa.

The girl's father Mr Lemomo Oloputo was also nabbed this weekend when he turned up at the Police Station wanting to bail out the man who had been arrested for co-habiting with his under-aged daughter.

Mr Oloputo was rather surprised as far as he was concerned there was nothing wrong with the arrangement because Mr Ngisha did not 'elope' with his daughter but took her lawfully after paying dowry.

"I needed the money, so let the girl get married off to the suitor who paid me enough to get the fees that would enable her brothers to go to school," said Mr Lemomo Oloputo.

Prior to her sex-slavery in the hands of the Arusha businessman, the girl had already undergone 'Female Genital Mutilation,' at her tender age, according to the medical examinations' report.

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